Welcome to the INTEG On-line Store

Our on-line store provides an easy way for new and existing customers to purchase our JNIOR family of Ethernet I/O controllers and expansion modules with both digital I/O and analog I/O.  The JNIOR is a very flexible controller capable of being used as a PLC and PAC alternative for custom applications, remote I/O, data acquisition, utility monitoring, manufacturing analysis and many other applications.

If you purchase the JNIOR, I am sure you will join our over 350 satisfied customers from over 45 countries around the world who have found the JNIOR to be reliable, flexible and easy to use.  Our customer support is both friendly and prompt.

Please contact me directly should you have any questions about the JNIOR family of products.

Best regards,

Rick Shulkosky


INTEG process group, inc.


Phone:   724-933-9350 extension 20